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Selçuk Burnaz Renshi 7.Dan Iaido is the instructor of the Anadolu Iaido. Selçuk Sensei studies and teaches Seitei Iai, internationally accepted standart of ZNKR as the member of  ZNKR (Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei / All Japan Kendo Federation) and EKF (European Kendo Federation). We are following Norio FURUICHI (Kyoshi 8. Dan) Sensei’s Seitei and Muso Shinden Ryu teachings. From April 2019, Anadoluiaido dojo continues its journey as a member of SHOSHIKAI Family. We are blissful with the kindness of Norio FURUICHI Sensei (Kyoshi 8.Dan)

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2017 Torino European Iaido Championship

Anadolu Iaido Dojo attended the EIC 2016 Torino and represented Turkey both individual and team categories. Our Sensei, Selcuk Burnaz passed his examination and became the first 6.Dan (Rokudan) in Turkey. Also our dojo members Ali Aksakal 2.Dan, Yalçın Öktem 1.Dan and Sancar Sefer Süer 1.Dan passed their exams.

You can find the results via this link.
For more information visit the eic2017.it website.


Phone      : (+90) 0532 213 98 62
E-mail     : selcuk.burnaz@gmail.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/anadoluiaido/
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